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Havel Floor Covering Inc is the premier provider of carpet installation services in the area. We employ time tested and proven strategies to protect the integrity of your carpet throughout the installation process. Our project completion times are fast, and our prices are affordable. What’s not to love?

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The Trusted Flooring Company

Are you considering installing a new carpet in your commercial facility? You've come to the right place. Havel Floor Covering Inc is the one-stop shop for custom flooring solutions. We've developed a strong and loyal client base of commercial property owners and managers across all industries. Our clients trust us for honest, unbiased advice, quick project-delivery times, and fair pricing.

Consult with a Flooring Expert

For even more cost savings, we offer our clients no-obligation consultations on all our services. Book an appointment with us, and we'll send a certified contractor to you at the time of your choosing. Or, if you prefer, you can visit our showroom to browse through our extensive selection of samples. Either way, our personable contractor will consult with you to determine the scope of your project. We'll chat with you about your budget, time frame, and ideal maintenance needs. We'll help you select the most cost-effective, long-lasting, and visually stunning carpet for your property and tell you exactly what we'll charge if you hire us to install it.

That's right, before you sign a contract, and before you commit to anything, we'll tell you upfront the full breakdown of our material and labor charges. Transparent through and through—that's just the way we like to do things.

Efficient Carpet Installation Methods

We specialize in carpet installation. As a company, we've spent years honing our process and developing the most sound and safe installation strategy. Today, we're proud to say that we've perfected it, and no one does it better.

If you need old carpet removed and a new subfloor installed, we'd be happy to assist you with this process as well. If necessary, we can also help you remove moldings and baseboards before installation day. Our installers are meticulous and diligent. We are committed to technical excellence and will make sure that your carpet is flawlessly cut, taut, and allows swing room for your doors.

What's more, for your safety and peace of mind, we'll maintain a clean worksite from start to finish, and remove all the waste when we're finished. All we'll leave behind is a beautiful, brand new carpet.

Certified Flooring Contractors

The reason behind our success is the skill of our contracting team. We are a passionate, hard-working crew of certified and insured flooring contractors. We've installed thousands upon thousands of square feet of carpet over the years. Suffice it to say we've mastered the craft.

We also have extensive experience working with all types of carpet flooring, including broadloom carpets and carpet tiles. Consider us your one-stop carpet shop.

What's more, due to our streamlined installation strategy and state-of-the-art equipment and tools, we're able to deliver lightning-fast turnaround times. We'll be in and out of your property before you know it.

Seamless Carpet Installation

Our installation process is seamless—in more ways than one. When it comes to carpet installation, our professionals take every precaution to create a seaming diagram that correctly cuts and places carpets to hide seams. How do we do it? Years of practice. Our installers are well-versed in the telegraphing and peaking patterns of different carpet types. We work hard to place seams away from traffic areas and doorway openings so that all you’ll see for years to come is a uniform, seamless appearance.

Post Carpet Installation Care

After we’ve installed your carpet, our professionals will leave you with expert advice on how best to care for your carpet post-installation. New carpets naturally shed fibers. Typically, you can remove these loose fibers easily by vacuuming frequently. Sometimes, you may notice small tufts of carpet rise from the surface yet remain attached to the flooring. This is called sprouting. We recommend simply cutting off sprouts with a standard pair of scissors. In rarer cases, your new carpet may wrinkle. If this happens, don’t panic. The wrinkles can be quickly reversed with another visit. Get in touch with us, and we’ll arrange to professionally re-stretch the carpet for you.

Flexible Scheduling Options on Carpet Flooring Projects

In our mission to make your flooring installation as convenient and stress-free as possible, our company maintains flexible scheduling options. In every regard, we strive to work around your itinerary, not the other way around. We believe that we offer the best-value carpet services on the local market, and in our minds, the best-value includes convenience.

Beyond the convenience of our appointment availability, we also provide our clients with consistently accurate project completion estimates. Installation times vary depending on the size and scope of the job at hand, but you can count on us to give you a reliable idea of what to expect based on our initial on-site consultation.

Affordable Carpet Flooring

When contemplating a new carpet installation, consider the importance of hiring professionals to ensure that carpet replacement costs remain within budget and are price-efficient. Havel Floor Covering Inc provides a full range of carpet and flooring installation services that protect your investment and allow you to benefit from enhanced home decor and comfort.

Why Hiring a Professional for Carpet Installation is More Cost-Effective

The cost to install your carpet by qualified technicians will actually save you money in the long run by ensuring that carpet is stretched and seamed according to industry and manufacturers standards. Get instant access to knowledgeable local carpet installation experts who also provide clients with convenient follow up and maintenance services.

What Should I Do With My Old Carpet?

Havel Floor Covering Inc is available to dispose of your existing carpet to make way for new carpet installation, and we follow all local recommendations for recycling and reuse to help reduce landfills and preserve the environment

Who will move my furniture and handle wiring before my new carpet installation?

Some clients prefer to handle household furniture and any fragile home décor articles on their own. Discuss your particular requirements and special concerns before carpet installation services with a Havel Floor Covering Inc representative who will customize carpet replacement and installation according to your needs

Preparing for a New Carpet Installation

Once your carpet installation estimate is complete, Havel Floor Covering Inc provides accurate measurements that detail carpet roll direction and seam placement with special consideration for doors, closets, stairways and other unique characteristics of your home. Although some seams may be unavoidable, our experience new carpet installers are skilled at minimizing material waste and matching patterns and pile perfectly. If a new carpet installation includes transitions to flooring, Havel Floor Covering Inc technicians account for the necessary adjustments for either ceramic tile, hardwood or an existing carpet.

Preparing your home for a new carpet installation requires a skilled analysis of the subfloor surface. Our installers assess the level and consistency of flooring as part of the installation process and inform you of any hidden water damage, loose floorboards or any necessary repairs before installation.

Installing Carpets According to The Highest Industry Standards

Carpet Installation industry standards recommend carpet stretching using approved power stretchers as opposed to manual stretching which may not be as effective and may even damage your carpet. In addition, Havel Floor Covering Inc installers used only industry-endorsed adhesives that prevent de-lamination and eliminate the possibility of edges unraveling. Our qualified local installers undertake each carpet and flooring project with the necessary tools and expertise to avoid any carpet bubbling or wrinkling that ensures your new carpet installation provides you with many years of comfort and enjoyment

New Carpet Installation Tips

  • Finish any household remodeling projects prior to installing your new carpet.
  • Remove all breakable items from the area including wiring for all electronics. Ask us about our full range of carpet installation services including warranty and insurance coverage designed to protect your new investment and home from all hazards.
  • Havel Floor Covering Inc adheres to the CRI installation standards and thoroughly follows all new installation instructions from carpet manufactures that ensure the highest standards for safety. Call for a free carpet installation estimate.

Your Local Carpet Company’s Satisfaction Guarantee

We stake our reputation on the level of client care we provide. That’s why on every installation job, we’re wholly devoted to earning your 100% satisfaction. When we finish installing carpets, we always bring our clients on an exhaustive property walk-through to make sure you approve of the quality of our handiwork. Long before the final walk-through, though, we’ll be working for your satisfaction at every turn. As a valued client of ours, you can expect:

  • On-site consultations
  • No-obligation quotes
  • Competitive rates
  • Flexible scheduling options
  • Certified, experienced installers
  • Site prep
  • Site clean-up
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Masterful carpet installation
  • Expert carpet care recommendations

This list is by no means exhaustive—everything we do is done with your best interests in mind. The bottom line is, if you’re not satisfied, we’re not finished.

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